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Senior Level Execs and Sponsors are talking about The L.A. Office events

Year after year, our events attract top executives in the partnership marketing community. Here's what they have to say about our events. To find out about our next event, The Brand Partnership Forum click here.

Attendee Testimonials

"This is not only the best-produced conference I have ever attended, the removal of aggressive sales people creates an environment where real connections can happen."

  • Joe Corn, Associate Director
    Membership Acquisition Strategies and Operations
  • Sam's Club

"The Brand Partnership Forum is a fantastic way to network and meet brands who may be the perfect partner for you!”

  • Danielle Mullin, Sr. Senior Vice President
  • Crown Media Family Networks

"The Forum never disappoints. The sessions are always impactful, and networking in a relaxed environment always spurs on the best connections and conversations."

  • Kristie Tanner, Business
    Partnership Director
  • Humane Society of America

"Content is very diverse - which makes you think beyond your normal partners and see how you could do things differently!”

  • Deb Turoczy, Sr. Manager
    Consumer Engagement
  • Just Born, Inc.

"The best conference I've ever been to. Every relationship is authentic and genuine."

  • Rod Oliver, Sr Manager
    Trade Marketing & Category Management
  • Henkel

"Brand Partnership Forum helps us to understand better what partners are looking for when considering new promotions. I love learning about industry trends.”

  • Aneesah Williams, Integrated
    Marketing Manager
  • Jam City

"Simply said, this is a must-attend conference!"

  • Julie Lynn York, Regional Customer &
    Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Brown-Forman

"It's been an amazing experience. I love the intimate setting and clever way to get everyone talking.”

  • Brenda Estrada, Engagement
    Marketing Director
  • Disney Channel

"Smart interesting people and really great brands - doing great things. The opportunities are endless!"

  • Fran Greenman-Schmitz, Senior Vice President,
    Brand Strategy and Strategic Initiatives
  • Highlights for Children

"First time at the brand partnership forum and I couldn't have asked for a better networking event. Amazing people! Amazing event!”

  • Tommy Cavnor, Senior National
    Trade Marketing Manager
  • Fetzer Vineyards

"First time in Nashville - Great meaningful connections from the get-go! I am confident that actual partnerships will develop from the connections made here this week."

  • Bil Bertini, Head of
    Marketing Partnerships, North America
  • Paramount Pictures

"Great brands, great people, a great place to forge new partnerships, and reconnect with friends from the industry!”

  • Keith Domalewski, Director of
    Marketing & Consumer Engagement
  • Just Born, Inc.

"It's nice to have everyone together in one room. It makes it easy to meet new people and brands. The environment is very welcoming, and it really is a celebration of marketers."

  • Erica Litwin, Coordinator
    Global Promotions
  • Universal Pictures

"The Brand Partnership Forum is a fantastic way to network and meet brands who may be the perfect partner for you!”

  • Nathon Measom, Manager
    National Corporate Partnerships
  • Best Friends Animal Society

"This is the event where meaningful relationships are made!"

  • Kelly Trudgen, VP
    Head of Sales & Studio Relations
  • Fandango

"Always worth the price of admission. Great insights on product categories, brands and partnerships and always a great opportunity for finding new partners.”

  • Emily Evans, Sr. Director
    Strategic Partnerships
  • Country Music Association

"This event has produced dozens of successful partnerships that have helped us increase awareness, build brand credibility and expand our reach."

  • Marissa Durazzo, Director
    Partnerships & Promotions
  • Cost Plus World Market

"The networking and quality of attendees is the best in the industry! Priceless connections and new friends.”

  • Dusty Nosek, Director
    New Business Development
  • Lime Media Group

"I am walking away with new ideas, new contacts and new opportunities to partner for mutually beneficial ROI. Brand Partnerships truly found the ideal mix of content, connections & fun!”

  • Zoe Henriquez, Director
    Corporate & Cause Partnerships
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America

"What is so great about the Forum is that so many people are genuinely interested in partnership and working together in a collaborative way. I wish I came to the Forum sooner!"

  • Cynthia Lee, VP
    Integrated Sales and Marketing
  • Warner Bros. Television

"Great set of speakers; love the social/networking aspect - L.A. Office has made it very easy to get to know the attendees.”

  • Priscila Stanton, Director of Marketing
  • Ready Pac Foods

The L.A. Office knows how to host a partnership event! The intimate group and comfortable networking atmosphere allow for numerous opportunities to make connections. From the contacts I've made, I am posiitive I will be able to report new partnerships within the next year."

  • Lauren Hatton, Partnership & Promotions Manager
  • Merlin Entertainments

"One of the best events of the year - so much meaningful, useful information - and great networking! Let's partner L.A. Office partners."

  • Gail Van Hoozier, Partnership & Promotions Manager
  • Saban Brands

"Our membership and participation in the L.A. Office events have produced real results for Highlights. Every Summit and Forum we have attended have produced at least one new partnership. Wow!”

  • Beth Allen, VP
    Partnerships & Business Development
  • Highlights for Children

"The Brand Partnership Forum is an excellent conference where marketers can meet, network and develop relationships in a fun; casual environment. The low-pressure nature allows relationships to develop naturally."

  • Nicole Sedita, SVP
    Worldwide Promotional Partnerships & Alliances
  • Warner Bros. Pictures

"Great event! Made so many contacts that were relevant to my business needs.”

  • Jenny Applegate, Manager
    Brand & National Marketing
  • True Value Co.

"Provide a forum to encourage strategic "out of the box" partnerships to creatively engage consumers and drive sales. Provides great content to push thinking to the next level."

  • Laura Trevino, VP
  • Jel Sert

"Not only are the partnership opportunities endless, but the presentations are outstanding. If you are a brand marketer, the Brand Partnership Forum is a must.”

  • Katherine Flynn, Brand Director
  • Welch's

"L.A. Office events give you the opportunity to connect with exceptional brands and properties. As a result of the Summit, Green giant secured a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and it's sure to be the highlight of the year for our brand!"

  • Kristin Bradley, PR Manager
    Green Giant
  • B&G Foods

"This is an incredible event bringing fun and contacts to a much needed industry.”

  • Glenn Hendricks, Head of Global Licensing
  • Welch's

"This is by far the best conference I've been to - and easily the most fun! Everyone is so nice, approachable and willing to discuss partnerships. I highly recommend for anyone looking for a great environment to learn, share, network - and drink!"

  • Courtney Jamieson, VP
    New Business, Brand Partnerships
  • Universal Music Group & Brands

"There has never been a better way to connect with today's most relevant brands. Haven't missed a conference in years…and my network is evidence of that!”

  • Sonya Latreille, Director
    Social Media & Public Relations
  • Schwarzkopf Professional

"I love this conference for the content as well as the small group of attendees!"

  • Stephanie Walters, Director
    Brand Content & Partnerships
  • The Ellen Degeneres Show

"Learned a lot about different partnership strategies from incredible brands. A high-energy, social yet educational experience.”

  • Leeza Sanfilippo, Brand Marketing Manager
  • Tinder

"I attend many networking events and this is by far the most productive and beneficial. A great curated group of fun people."

  • Stephanie Borges, VP
    North America Strategic Marketing & Partnerships
  • Six Flags

"Everyone is so genuine, friendly and eager to make meaningful connections. The partnerships that have resulted from these conferences are truly unique and as a result of these connections, strong and extremely innovative.”

  • Catherine Cantone, Coordinator
    Events & Trade Marketing
  • The Weather Channel

"Brand Partnership Forum is a great place to meet like-minded innovative and creative marketing execs across all industries."

  • Gaye Dean, Marketing Director
  • Target

"I had been a member of L.A. Office when I worked with another company, and I made so many great connections. So, when I joined Best Friends, I knew we had to be a part of this fantastic event. As a non-profit, we have limited resources, but this is worth every dollar!”

  • Elysia Howard, Director
    Corporate & Foundation Relations
  • Best Friends Animal Society

"Blown away by how great this conference is. The engagement of the attendees is high, with everyone open to new ideas and opportunities."

  • Doug McVehil, Brand Marketing
    Amazon Music
  • Amazon Music

"The Forum and Industry Insights are by far the best two conferences I attend each year. The contacts we've made and relationships we forged have proved invaluable to the Kidz Bop Brand.”

  • Sasha Junk, SVP
    Marketing & PR

"The combination of connections and content at the L.A. Office events is unmatched. Makes it an easy decision to prioritize my attendance."

  • Kelly McKeone, VP
    Consumer & Florist Marketing
  • Teleflora Online Sales

"The Forum is a whirlwind of brilliantly strategic minds generating ideas that prove the value and power of collaboration.”

  • Allie Lamb, Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum

“The Partnership Summit has been a priceless event for us. We’ve closed over a dozen partnership deals from the event!”

  • Meriel Jimenez, Director
    Strategic Alliances
  • MGM Resorts International

"This was my first experience at the Brand Partnership Forum and I have to say, hands down the best conference ever. The connections made, plans and partnerships discussed are al invaluable. Consider me a lifer!”

  • Tiffany McKinley, Director
    Activation & Partnerships
  • T.G.I. Friday's

“The Partnership Summit has been a priceless event for us. We’ve closed over a dozen partnership deals from the event!”

  • Marissa Durazzo, Director
    Partnerships & Promotions
  • Cost Plus World Market

“As a first-time attendee, I felt welcomed and energized! Everyone is open to sharing great insights and willing to work together while having a blast at the event.”

  • Raina Santucci
    Senior Manager
  • TripAdvisor

“Connections are everything, especially on a small budget. Who you know can take your marketing campaign to the next level. This conference makes sure my little black book has the best numbers in the business.”

  • Sonya Latreille
    Director of Social Media and Public Relations
  • Schwarzkopf

“One of the best experiences and conferences I’ve ever attended. The right people, the right topics and the best environment to network. The Forum does an incredible job of taking care of everyone which helps create an atmosphere that’s warm and welcoming for all participants.”

  • Chad Jones
    VP, Business Development
  • Special Olympics

“The Brand Partnership Forum hosted by The L.A. Office is one of the most informative and well-run networking events I have ever attended.”

  • John Boccuzzi
    VP, Edible for Business
  • Edible Arrangements

“The amazing thing about this event is that it not only builds partnerships, but relationships, which is important because it allows for creativity when partnering because there is a level of trust.”

  • Trell Thomas
    Senior Communications & Talent Director
  • VH1 Save the Music Foundation

"It truly was the best event I’ve attended! The attendees were the absolute right folks: high caliber and high interest makes for a great combo! The mix of brand and entertainment was perfect. The forum content was clearly on point, and the networking opportunities were phenomenal. The LA Office has built an atmosphere conducive to building the right partnerships. I would highly recommend this event – it’s a must do!"

  • Jenny L. Barnes
    Marketing Manager
  • AT&T

"From the minute I arrived at my first event at the Brand Partnership forum I was welcomed with open arms. All the attendees truly wanted to hear about Marriott International and the new partnerships we had recently created. The forum is a wonderful combination of creative, content rich presentations, really fun social networking events and amazing brand partnership talent. I would highly recommend this event to anyone who is interested in seeing the latest most creative and effective ways to work with partners in the brand and entertainment space."

  • Victoria Gottlieb
    Senior Director Global Partnerships
  • Marriott International

"As a first time attendee at Industry Insights & a new corporate focus on global partnerships, this was a great event to meet and network with like-minded people. I was able to discuss potential opportunities with many companies and we plan to follow-up after the conference."

  • Kate Roberts
    Global Partnerships
  • Zipcar

"The Industry Insights Summit is not only an amazing time in a beautiful setting, but a truly incredible group of brand & entertainment innovators. It’s a wonderful way of connecting with exciting people in new and interesting ways, and really inspiring and spawning ideas and partnerships across brands and industries."

  • Ashley Erickson
    National Promotions
  • Chipotle

"This was an amazing conference and I walked away with so many contacts in the industry. I loved speaking to this group and making connections with this outstanding group of attendees. There is a relaxed and energizing vibe at this forum which makes it easy to get on stage and talk about how strategic partnerships fuel brand growth."

  • Nicole Behne
    Mktg. Dir., Grocery Products Div.
  • Hormel Foods

“The Brand Partnership Forum is one of the best opportunities to connect with high caliber brand and entertainment marketers.  The content will challenge you to think about the entertainment industry and your business in a new way.”

  • Matt Kauffman
    Global Sponsorship Marketing
  • Visa Inc.

“Sponsoring and participating in The L.A. Office’s events has led to many beneficial partnerships and relationships for Delta Vacations. Each event provides an opportunity to make meaningful connections with new and existing partners. The environment is very conducive to networking and it’s beneficial to learn about the latest partnership marketing trends from top-notch presenters representing various industries. We are always interested in exploring partnership opportunities with successful brands and entertainment properties; these events provide an opportunity to accomplish that and much more.”

  • Keri Musgraves
    Marketing Manager
  • Delta Vacations

"Thank you all for including me in the Forum this week! Wow - what a well run, polished production. I attend many conferences and found this to be the new gold standard. The sessions, attendees and of course the LA Office team were all amazing. Well done!"

  • Jennifer Breithaupt
    SVP, Entertainment Marketing
  • Citi

"As a brand marketer, I attend Industry Insights because I know I will hear from leaders and innovators in their categories and each presenter will deliver takeaways that I can apply to my brand strategies. The environment is conducive to building relationships and provides content that I can incorporate into my initiatives."

  • David Allen, Marketing Manager
  • Nestle

“The Nashville event was extremely useful in so many ways: I met many like-minded, potential business partners in a unique and wonderfully orchestrated environment, and had the opportunity to showcase my networks and talk about our properties with clients, peers and colleagues. Altogether worthwhile as well as a really great time!”

  • Susan Webber Gatto, VP, Branded Content
  • A+E Networks

"The Brand Partnership Forum is by far my favorite marketing event. The forum has a great combination of information sharing marketing insights from an extremely talented and diverse network of marketers, top case studies, strategic alliance opportunities and of course evenings of fun activities in Nashville. Suffice to say, it was a jam-packed couple of days, but by the end of it one thing was certain: we all walked away with new innovative ideas, new opportunities and new connections."

  • Debbie-Ann White, SVP of Public Relations & Promotions
  • Unique Vacations Inc. (Sandals)

“It’s rare these days to attend events that are so compelling that people will close their laptops and put away their tablets and phones to engage fully, but I found just that at the 2013 LA Office Brand Partnership Forum. If you’re looking for a conference that combines interesting people from the world of partner marketing in a relaxed yet informative and productive atmosphere, one that leads to crucial introductions and even better conversations that pick up after you’ve left, you can’t do better than this event.”

  • Matt Collins, VP of Global Marketing
  • Ampush

“I attended the Brand Partnership Forum for the first time this year and what an amazing group! The networking opportunities are incredible and the presentations are insightful. I already have a few new projects cooking just from meeting and greeting at the Forum! Excited to see what new ideas will come from these new contacts. We’ll definitely be back next year!”

  • Whitney Eichinger
    Senior Manager Communication
  • Southwest Airlines

“It is literally impossible for this event not to produce a strong ROI. The diversity and quality of the companies and brands present, and the guided networking activities, are of the highest caliber. Not to mention how much fun it is!”

  • Kathy Alaama
    VP, Marketing USA
  • Henkel Beauty Care

"As a first timer at the Forum this year I discovered it's an impressive gathering of top notch, marketing professionals who come together to share ideas, network and have a good time. Mitch and team go out of their way to create a great experience for all. I look forward to next year!"

  • Lisa Stanley,
    Vice President Marketing
  • Hot Topic

“I am constantly impressed by how Mitch and The L.A. Office respond to attendee feedback and continually adapt the conference to keep the content fresh and extremely relevant. Add a very interesting mix of attendees and it’s no surprise that their events are sold out!”

  • Meredith Momoda
    Vice President, Branded Content
  • NBC Universal Television Distribution

“This is the third year and sixth L.A. Office event I have attended. I continue to derive great value in each experience and in membership. Hearing directly from dynamic brands and enjoying face-to-face interactions with key decision makers from brand and entertainment organizations has enabled productive planning discussions that lead to exciting consumer programs. Limited attendance in exclusive and comfortable environments created by Mitch and his team naturally set the stage for new partnerships and game-changing promotions.”

  • David Foxx
    Director, Entertainment Marketing
  • Sears Holdings Corporation

“There are no shortages of conferences to attend, but the question is always will it be worth the time and expense? As a first time attendee, I can definitely say that The L.A. Office's events deliver. I was very impressed with the caliber of the presenters and attendees. As important, the conference was structured in such a way to allow for quality discussion, networking and a bit of fun. After a few days, I left with some new perspectives, contacts and several partnership ideas to explore. Mitch puts on a quality event. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about taking their entertainment marketing partnerships to the next level.”

  • Eric Berniker,
    VP, Marketing
  • Pirate Brands

“Well-Structured, informative and engaging presentations in a friendly, relaxed environment. But don't let the low-key vibe fool you. This is a den of serious networking opportunity where connections are made and partnerships forged.”

  • Christina Wyman
    Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships

“I have enjoyed The L.A. Office's events over the years. Hearing from other leaders in their respective industries helps us see trends through a different lens and become better marketers and communicators. It's an opportunity to connect with old friends and meet new industry professionals in a more exclusive environment that is relaxed rather than overwhelming.”

  • Ann Rindone, Director
    Cause and Foundation
  • ConAgra Foods

“The Brand Partnership Forum proved that disconnecting from the daily grind is the best way to connect with new people and brands.” -

  • Kristin Shaff
    Director, Partnerships and Bus Dev.
  • 24 Hour Fitness

“The L.A. Office Brand and Industry Insights Summits always feature a great mix of brand and entertainment leaders, sharing useful case studies and relevant content for marketers. The results of great networking sessions and an open forum to share ideas has led us to many new successful partnerships.”

  • David McKillips
    SVP, Corporate Alliances
  • Six Flags Entertainment

“The Forum is truly a fun and innovative conference. I was able to connect with a fantastic group of seasoned marketing executives, and formed some great friendships as well. The setting is intimate and laid back which makes it easy to network. I am looking forward to the next L.A. Office event!”

  • Jill Gentili
    Director or Licensing
  • CBS Consumer Products

"One stop shopping- great networking, informative presentations, amazing fun evening events and the location, enough said. Thank you L.A. Office for maintaining a great standard for what all marketing conferences should strive for."

  • Rita Drucker, Marketing Partnerships
  • Yahoo

"’The Brand Partnership Forum’ is THE place that brands and entertainment meet. It's a VIP room of dealmakers who are the decision-makers for their organizations. If you want to do an entertainment or brand deal, this is the place to be.”

  • Bobbi Merkel
    Managing Director, Convergence
  • TPN

“Of all the conferences I attend each year, the Industry Insights Summit provides the most tangible benefits to help me excel in my position. From the caliber of attendees to the current and relevant content, I always come away with the tools to create bigger and better partnerships.”

  • David Miller
    Vice President of Brand Marketing
  • Universal Studios Hollywood

“The Industry Insights Summit delivers on its name -it provides deep intelligence to entertainment marketers about key brand categories, directly from the leaders of their industries.”

  • Damon Whiteside, SVP
  • Country Music Association - CMA

"Industry Insights has proven to be invaluable for Skechers. The caliber of attendees and intimate atmosphere led to partnerships with McDonald's and Kellogg's, both of which were a result of our participation in The L.A. Office's event!"

  • Paul Flett
    Sr. VP, Global Licensing and Promotions
  • Sketchers

"I was a bit apprehensive about attending Industry Insights. How does retail shipping align with all these entertainment companies? Come to find out, a lot! Made some great contacts & have a number of great ideas to follow up on. A great venue for thinking out of the (FedEx) box!"

  • Rick Bartl
    Director, Retail Marketing
  • Fedex

"The Forum offers a relaxed atmosphere to network, continue planning discussions with partners, and learn about what's happening in industries that can impact my work. The quality of attendees and presenters is top notch- to have them assembled in one location is priceless."

  • David Foxx
    Director, Entertainment Programming
  • Sears Holding Corporation

"The Industry Insights Summit brings together some of the top partnership marketing minds in the entertainment industry to gain insights into industries that are investing in entertainment media and partnerships. The variety of speakers, presentation formats and events allow for a number of ways for all in attendance to forge new alliances and friendships."

  • Jed Selkowitz
    Director, Entertainment Marketing
  • The Coca-Cola Company

"As a first time attendee, I wasn't sure how much value the event would provide, but Industry Insights exceeded my expectations. The combination of great insights, terrific contacts & new friendships made the investment very worthwhile. This conference more than pays for itself."

  • Brian Bachrach
    Marketing Manager, Innovation
  • Just Born

"Industry Insights was by far the best conference I have ever attended in my 20 year career. It was so great to meet so many like-minded professionals in the industry who were all about making connections and finding the best possible partnerships for their brands."

  • Michelle Brown
    Director, Brand Partnerships
  • EMI Music

"Conferences come and go, but there is something special about Industry Insights. It is a unique opportunity to spend quality time with quality people who are at the top of their game in a very relaxed, no pressure environment. We are all in the relationship business, and Industry Insights is where relationships are made."

  • Evan Greene
  • The Recording Academy

"While I was a bit skeptical about attending at first, I am very glad that I went. It is a worthwhile event for client side marketers looking for partnership and promotion ideas. The presentations were really good, and I made connections with the right people in the entertainment marketing community."

  • Kara J Tobin
    Director, Media and Integrated Marketing
  • Dial Corporation

"As a first time attendee, I found the content and networking at Industry Insights to be invaluable as we look to expand our entertainment marketing efforts for our brands. I strongly recommend any brand marketer looking to engage directly with industry leaders to attend this event."

  • Claude O'Connor
    SVP/GM, Direct Sales Division
  • Snyder's-Lance, Inc.

"Having attended all of the Insights Summits, this is an event I look forward to every year. The content and caliber of attendees improves every year and I am constantly updating my rolodex after each event."

  • Linda Kehn
    Head of Promotions
  • DreamWorks Animation SKG

"If you are in the partnership marketing business, the Industry Insights Summit is perhaps the most valuable three days you will spend "working" all year. It is a veritable gold mine of contacts and content. Don't think about it- just sign up now."

  • Mari Belalcazar
    Director, Marketing Partnerships
  • National Geographic Channels

"The Summit provides a terrific balance of relevant presentations, high-level attendees, and effective networking- all in a perfect setting."

  • Steve Martin
    VP, Marketing
  • City of Hope

"I accomplish more in 2 days attending Industry Summit than I do in 2 months in the office! The group was small enough that I was able to have quality one-on-one time with key representatives from various aspects of the business which led to a major promotion for one of our US locations. I would definitely recommend Industry Insights as the #1 event to attend each and every year."

  • Roxanne Holland
    External Relations & Strategic Alliances
  • Madame Tussauds

"The intimate setting means you get to meet relevant contacts in an atmosphere conducive to building relationships. It's one of the best events I've attended"

  • Jim Dominey
    Sr. Director, Enterprise Partnerships
  • Marriott International

"The Industry Insight Forum is a great way to get all types of industries in one room, where we all let our guard down and talk about opportunities. It forces you to mingle and get you to know each other, taking you out of your world and into other industries. I highly recommend!"

  • Mauro DeCeglie
    Sr. Director, Brand Partnerships
  • EMI Music

"It was worth it from the first 45 minutes."

  • Don Ashley
  • Delfino Animation

“I have been attending from the beginning. I have never left one without at least one partnership, new contacts and strategic insight.”

  • Rick Murray
    VP Programming Promotions
  • Premiere Networks

“The Industry Insights Summit was one of the best events I've ever been to in my professional life. The energy in the room is unlike any other event (to call it a conference is a disservice). The audience is 100% top-notch marketers & savvy forward thinking brand ambassadors looking to make innovative things happen. That's the space we play in all day, and to connect with like-minded individuals from other top brands in such a fun environment is something I look forward to doing again.”

  • Peter Szabo
    West Coast Regional Manager
  • Shazam

“In a world where time is the most valuable resource for professionals, it is wonderful to have an opportunity to network efficiently in an amazing setting and create relationships that propel brand partnerships.”

  • Pamela Fishman Cianci
    Director, Event Partnerships
  • Gilt

“In 15 years, I've never been to an event where I've met and had so many high caliber people. Thanks!“

  • Jen Whelan
    Director- Partner Marketing
  • Qualcomm

“This is one of the best marketing conferences I've ever been to! Fantastic speakers, stellar brands and invaluable networking opportunities- I'm hooked.“

  • Karen O'Brien
    Sr. Director, Global Social Media
  • Western Union

“It’s simple. The right people are in the right room. You never know what will come from it.”

  • Sean Wachsman
    Brand manager- Chambord Trademark,
  • Brown-Forman

“The Event is not only an amazing time in a beautiful setting, but a truly incredible group of brand & entertainment innovators. It’s a wonderful way of connecting with exciting people in new and interesting ways, and really inspiring and spawning ideas and partnerships across brands and industries.”

  • Ashley Erickson
    In-Store & Field Marketing Consultant/National Promotions
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill

“Attending the Brand Partnership Forum as a “1st timer" is like Summer Camp for Brand Folks and Marketers. You really aren’t excited about going (due to how a conference can disrupt your schedule), yet after experiencing it all, you’ll want to call home and ask your Parents if you can stay 2 extra days! This feeling is guaranteed! I met some wonderful people, made great connections, and had such an enjoyable time during the networking sessions, presentations, and events, I truly didn’t want to leave!”

  • Tamaya Petteway
    VP, Partnership Marketing
  • Endemol Shine North America

"This was my first time at this conference, and it exceeded my expectations. The speakers were engaging, thoughtful and entertaining. I learned so many new things that will help me build better partnerships and content."

  • Adrienne Reed, Director of Mktg. & Strategic Alliances
  • The Recording Academy (GRAMMYs)

“Great networking opportunities and informative presentations, it’s one of the can’t miss partnership events of the year. In fact, we have cultivated more partnerships through the LA Office’s Brand Partnership Forum and the Industry Insights Summit than any other industry networking event. It’s the best.”

  • David McKillips
    SVP, Corporate Alliances
  • Six Flags Entertainment

“The Brand Partnership Forum was one of the more beneficial conferences I’ve attended in recent years; I made some wonderful connections with agencies and brands and nearly every one of the presentations given was relevant to my business. A lot of take-away and I certainly will aim to attend again next year.”

  • Chris Specht
    VP, Brand Development
  • Shine America

Sponsor Testimonials

"Participating in the Industry Insights Forum was valuable for our brand on a number of levels: a very conducive environment for connecting with decision makers in the entertainment industry; an opportunity to raise awareness of our brand with a much more immersive experience than most conferences; engaged participants eager to do business and make something happen as a result of the connections made. On the whole, I would recommend participation in LA Office events for other brands seeking to connect with the entertainment industry."

  • Lisa Kauffman
    VP, Marketing
  • Celebrity Cruises

"We've been a sponsor of the Industry Insights events for many years. Our relationship with The L.A. Office has led to new clients and a heightened profile among the brand and entertainment community. We look forward to being a part of Industry Insights for many years to come…"

  • Kelley McIntosh
  • zakHill Group

"Mitch and his team created a high-caliber event that provides attendees insight and quality networking opportunities with marketing executives from multiple industries, not just the Entertainment industry."

  • Judy Lee
    Head of Category Advertising
  • AOL Advertising

"If you are looking for an engaged group- this IS the event. You will get business done!"

  • Rick May
    VP, Business Development
  • radarworks

"As a leader in college marketing and execution, we have not only made great entertainment contacts, but the Industry Insights Summit has helped us to develop new business within the brand community as well."

  • Vince Thompson
  • Melt LLC

Speaker Testimonials

"I have had the privilege of speaking at the Industry Insights Summit not once – but twice. What attracted me to the event was I was able to network with some of the top brand marketers in the country in a small and comfortable setting. I was able to develop multiple merchandise and marketing partnerships for Target that I may have not been able to without the Summit. I have made lots of great connections over the years that have developed into lasting business relationships. In addition, I have been an attendee at the Summit for many years and feel it is my 'cannot miss conference' I would highly recommend Industry Insights for any speaker looking to network and build the right connection in our industry."

  • Gaye Dean
    Sr. Manager of Licensing, Hardlines
  • Target Stores

"Industry Insights is a terrific platform to share not only information on your industry, but to learn what others are doing effectively. A very productive session with opportunities to meet key decision makers in various industries and I am certain our company will benefit from the experience."

  • Steve Aleksich
    Sr. Manager, Shopper Marketing
  • Del Monte

"Thank you all for including me in the Forum this week! Wow - what a well run, polished production. I attend many conferences and found this to be the new gold standard. The sessions, attendees and of course the LA Office team were all amazing. Well done!"

  • Jennifer Breithaupt
    SVP, Entertainment Marketing
  • Citi

"Speaking at Industry Insights provided the ideal opportunity to educate future promotional partners on our category dynamics & business objectives. We confidently expect new ideas, better proposals and stronger programs."

  • Drew Iddings
    Sr. Manager, Consumer Promotions
  • The Hershey Company

"A truly useful experience for generating contacts, building relationships, and getting a first-look at branded entertainment ideas. I was really impressed with the attendees, and how much the conversation was about seeking true partnership opportunities, not just about pitching goods and services. Since getting back, my calendar has been packed with discussing opportunities with my new friends from the conference."

  • David Rubin
    Director, Brand Development
  • Unilever

"Immediately after speaking at the Forum, we are launching a promotion with FYE and Sandals for Valentine's Day. You already have one success story!"

  • LJ Gutierrez
    SVP, Partnership Development
  • Universal Music Group Distribution

"I really enjoyed my experience at the Industry Insights Forum. The L.A. Office put together a fantastic program that was engaging and spirited as well as allowed great interaction with the other attendees. I was truly amazed by the number of fun, talented people I met in just a short amount of time."

  • Meredith Darnall
    Marketing Manager
  • General Growth Properties

"The best conference I've been to this year! The opportunity to connect with like-minded people in an entertaining, intimate environment was exceptional. The potential partner connections I made will be invaluable, hearing from and spending time with high level in-the-know decision makers will prove to be a great use of time and help me drive business results. I'll be back!"

  • Paula Beadle
    VP, Experiential Marketing
  • Washington Mutual

"Excellent conference! A great blend of marketing & media types in the same room, a tough audience to put together."

  • Matt O'Grady
    EVP, Media Audience Measurement
  • The Nielsen Company

"Speaking at the Brand Partnership Forum will pay dividends both personally and professionally. In my role, I’m always looking for great opportunities and partnerships to amplify business plans.  And, like most people, I set a personal goal for myself every year. One of my personal goals is to build my personal network.  Unfortunately, with the pace of the business I often fall short; but that was not the case this year. Through my participation in the Forum, I had the ability to form worthwhile connections, find opportunities to drive my business goals, stretch my skills by speaking to a group outside of my company and I had a great time! It’s a great experience. If you get the opportunity to speak or participate in the Brand Partnership Forum – do it. Mitch and his team will make sure you are successful and that it is time well spent."

  • Angie Blissett, Director
    Promotions & Activations
  • McDonald's

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