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Connect with the Brand and Entertainment Marketers Community!

As a relationship-based company, everything we do is designed to bring marketers together for the purpose of creating successful marketing partnerships.

Through our online resources, virtual and live events, we are able to offer significant and pre-qualified marketing exposure for companies that need to introduce their marketing initiatives and services to the partnership marketing community. We are uniquely positioned to bring all of these touch-points together to help partners reach and exceed their marketing objectives:

  • The Last Call newsletter
  • Social exposure and virtual events 

    As marketers discover a new normal, we'll help them find you!

  • Broaden exposure of your company’s products and services to The L.A. Office's exclusive audience of the industry’s key influencers
  • Generate new business with top entertainment and brand marketers with effective online marketing
  • Engage and strengthen relationships with direct and targeted engagement activities
  • Elevate your company's profile and expertise in the partnership marketing industry


    Curated news for the Marketing Community

    The L.A. Office has been a trusted source for the partnership marketing community for over 25 years and The LAST CALL newsletter is how we keep the conversation going! This newsletter is distributed to 50,000 marketers every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and contains curated information covering multiple aspects of the partnership marketing business.

    Newsletter Sponsorship

    Each newsletter delivers timely and relevant information about partner-friendly industries, brands and the content providers fueling the business.

    Your message is delivered alongside highly relevant content:

  • Daily Brand News
  • Entertainment Updates
  • Highlights from the Marketing Partnerships community
  • Job Board
  • Promoted Messages and Announcements

  • The LAST CALL has been designed specifically with sponsorship partnerships in mind and all messages are organically integrated into the flow of the newsletter.


    Last Call News Brand and entertainment marketing news

    A New Twist on Brand & Entertainment Marketing News

    Last Call is the most important destination a partnership marketer needs to visit before they end their day. The site is constantly expanding with marketing and entertainment news, activities and opportunities that may affect their business, their partners and their creative campaigns.

    Access to all of the research and content on is free and all of our efforts are designed to drive marketers to

    Online Marketing Opportunities: is the perfect place for marketers to promote their marketing initiatives, promotional products and/or services. The site is also a great tool for marketers to celebrate and thank their marketing partners.

  • Main Left & Right Towers: 370w x 970h create a site takeover of (scroll-up or scroll down - your message stays on screen as users experience the site)
  • Top Newsfeed Messages: 275w x 90h or 830w x 90h
  • Inside Towers: 270w x 920h, 270w x 500, and 270w x 270h
  • Scrolling Newsfeed Messages: 825w x 100h

  • Go BIGGER with a Site Takeover!

    Sponsorship of the left and right towers makes a big statement. Your creative will be seen throughout the entire site!



    The Home to the Partnership Marketing Community

    For the past 5 years, has been the home for the brand and entertainment marketing community. The addition of and our newsletters has helped increase exposure and engagement on and the site is now open for YOUR marketing messages!

    A New Welcome Page will introduce your message to the community

    Newsletters and SEO efforts drive readers to Marketing Partnerships. Your targeted message will greet each user upon arrival! The entire site connects the people, properties and partnerships driving the business.

    Newsfeed Marketing

    The newsfeed on Marketing Partnerships is a living and regularly updated stream of industry partnerships, properties and activities going on throughout the community. This is the landing page that begins every users experience on the site.


  • Main Left & Right Towers: 370w x 970h create a site takeover of Marketing Partnerships (scroll-up or scroll down - your message stays on screen as users experience the site)
  • Top Newsfeed Messages: 275w x 90h or 830w x 90h
  • Inside Towers: 270w x 920h, 270w x 500, and 270w x 270h  (coming soon)
  • Scrolling Newsfeed Messages: 560w x 300h
  • The newsfeed is the most highly trafficked section on the site and every fourth card a sponsored message

  • Site Takeovers

    Sponsorship of the left and right towers will include messaging on the newsfeed as well as all of the following pages:

  • Individual Opportunities pages
  • Partnerships pages
  • Profile pages
  • Messaging center
  • Job Listings


    Let's Introduce your Company and Initiatives to the Community!

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