Welcome to the new home of the Marketing Partnership community -we are glad you are here!

MarketingPartnerships.com is a unique online community where over 5,000 brand and entertainment marketers access vital information, share industry knowledge and explore partnership opportunities. Membership continues to grow as more brand and entertainment companies contribute new insights and marketing opportunities. Below you will find a quick overview of the various pages and basic information to get started. As always, The L.A. Office Membership team is happy to help or answer any questions. Please feel free to call us at 310-275-2088 or email at info@marketingpartnerships.com


MarketingPartnerships.com allows you to find the people and companies that are active in the community and create partnerships.

  • Homepage features hot properties and latest site updates
  • The Uber-nav provides quick search results, is easy to navigate and features multiple search and sort options
  • The Login page takes you to your User Profile where you can control your content and manage your personal information
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Creating a profile is the first step towards unlocking the marketing potential of MarketingPartnerships.com and opens the possibility to connect with key decision makers at brands and entertainment companies. Click here for a video guide on profile pages!

  • Connect with nearly 5,000 partnership marketers without having to leave the site.
  • Using our intuitive search function, you can find other marketing professionals by company, business category, job title and much more.
  • Your profile allows you to promote current and past partnerships that you were involved in. The ability to tag yourself to partnerships will seamlessly create your virtual resume.
  • Creating and editing your profile is easy!
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Opportunity pages speak directly to the marketing partnership community. Over 1,000 opportunities from companies specializing in music, gaming, film, television and more are available to explore. Click here for a video guide on opportunity pages!

  • Our easy to use filter and search system allows you to browse thousands of opportunities with ease.
  • The new opportunity pages jump off the screen with large, vibrant images. Our new format allows our corporate members to showcase their upcoming partnership opportunities
  • Users can effortlessly attach media, people and partnerships to their opportunity.
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Since 1994, The L.A. Office has tracked entertainment promotional partnerships. With more than 20 years of research, we have a comprehensive database of over 8,000 past partnerships and 1,100+ promotional television spots. Click here for a video guide on partnership pages!

  • The partnership page shows detailed, searchable information on each promotion including description, type, timing, distributor, partners, category, product and talent.
  • Media, properties and people are attached to each promotion, as well.
  • Adding a partnership is simple and intuitive.
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