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The Industry Insights Summit provides senior-level brand and entertainment marketers with the tools they need to grow their business through strategic alliances and marketing partnerships. Each of the speakers below come from brands that are category leaders within their respective industries. Speakers will introduce participants to marketing insights and trends in their industry as well as the activities and opportunities at their company. Summit attendees can expect to learn about innovative promotional programs from the best, most influential marketers in the world.

The Industry Insights Summit also features two informative "Entertainment Updates" and "RoadShow Snapshots," giving attendees behind-the-scenes insights into the Gaming and Film industries. These sessions allow entertainment industry professionals to introduce their major soon-to-be-released properties and most compelling partnership marketing opportunities.

Trends, Insights & Opportunities from Thought Leaders in Their Industries

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Understanding the Evolving Advertising Landscape

Nowadays a marketing campaign has to involve more than just a great TV spot. Advertising trends span a variety of mediums and marketers are being challenged to get more creative utilizing print, TV and digital. In addition, merging media and “doing good” is on everyone’s list, whether you are a brand or entertainment company wanting to get the word out about your initiatives in unique and impactful ways. The Ad Council created the public service advertising category, and have been offering trusted advice and inspiring calls-to-action since 1942. Hear about the current and evolving state of advertising and how they work with nonprofit organizations to fulfill their mission to promote campaigns that improve everyday lives. We are also happy to introduce our nonprofit partners.

  • Ad Council

    Anthony Signorelli
    SVP, Strategic Partnerships

  • Ad Council

Marketing Disruption in the Salon Industry

Marketers know that grabbing hearts and minds of consumers isn’t just about products or services sold, but in the feelings they gain when they interact with a brand. Drybar is a company that understands this, and it is one of the secrets to building the mega successful startup one blowout at a time. Brittany Driscoll VP, Marketing, will share industry insights and how her company is using partnerships to connect emotionally with their consumers. Loaded with opportunities for brand partners and entertainment companies alike, you will gain a better understanding of how to be a part of their expansion as they build their nationally marketed line of styling products, tools and services.

  • GoPro

    Brittany Driscoll
    VP, Marketing

  • Drybar

The Evolution of the Delivery Business

While the world migrates towards the internet and online shopping expands, one industry is making sure that consumers are getting what they want… when they want it. These challenges have created new marketing opportunities for delivery companies and partners alike. Matt Lyles, Global Brand Management of FedEx, will talk about the vitality of today’s innovation in an environment of technological change and how to stay ahead of extinction. Matt is responsible for identifying and activating co-branding activities & marketing partnerships and will give us insights on today’s small parcel market logistics situation and what marketers need to know about this evolution.

  • GoPro

    Matt Lyles
    Global Brand Management

  • FedEx

Creating Engaging Partnerships with Video

Given the popularity of social websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, user-generated video content has become a huge part of online consumer engagement. Consumers want to build personal messages and generate viral content, which can be a goldmine for a brand or entertainment company. GoPro allows consumers to capture and share their lives’ experiences with others through photos and videos. Jaci will explain how GoPro engaged consumers with some of their recent partnerships, such as an activation with SECRET LIFE OF PETS, that allow brands and entertainment companies to harness the consumer’s desire to create and share.

  • GoPro

    Jaci Hays
    Head of Global Partnerships

  • GoPro

Partnerships in the Era of Streaming Content

You don’t need to be a marketing executive to understand how streaming TV has changed the advertising landscape. At the same time, companies like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon are offering the marketing community new options and creative ways to relate to and reach their consumers. Every streaming option is different and Hulu’s unique & network content continues to redefine TV by connecting viewers with the stories they love and by providing opportunities that traditional media can’t. As a seasoned marketer with experience at some of the biggest networks, Nicole Sabatini, VP of Partnerships at Hulu, will take us through the industry’s evolution and how the new era of streaming content can be a great friend to brand and entertainment marketers alike.

  • hulu

    Nicole Sabatini
    VP, Integrated Marketing

  • Hulu

Shopper Marketing & the Business of Snacking

The snack food industry has always been an important partner to entertainment marketers and the likes. This industry is constantly evolving and as shopper marketing drives the business, it’s important for everyone to have a good understanding of the trends and challenges that face this industry. As a thought-leader in the snack business, Mondelez is a partner to many brands and entertainment properties. With music, sports and other partnerships, they are consistently working to put their brands in that cultural conversation and take their consumers into these spaces. As Associate Director of Shopper Marketing and Strategic Partnerships for Mondelez, Michael Tilley will update everyone on the industry, the company, and their partnership marketing activities.

  • Nestle

    Michael Tilley
    US Lead Shopper Marketing and Strategic Partnerships

  • Mondelez International

Living in a Virtual World

Simply said, virtual reality is the next big thing! Marketers need programs that are engaging and drive awareness, and VR delivers this on many levels. While VR is a newer technology, it’s already one of the most immersive, impactful, and memorable experiences a brand can deliver. As part of Facebook, Oculus is already in the marketplace with headsets and gear. The technology will always evolve, but there is a strong focus on creating content with the partnership marketing community. Paula Cuneo, Head of Experience & Partner Marketing, will introduce everyone to the exciting world of VR and why everyone at the Summit needs to better understand the technology, where VR is going, and how marketers can embrace these opportunities.

  • Oculus

    Paula Cuneo
    Head of Experience & Partner Marketing

  • Oculus

Leveraging Partnerships to Amplify Consumer Experiences

In today’s fast-paced, high-tech market, consumers are demanding personal experiences they can touch, feel, smell, and taste. Experiential marketing offers potential consumers a first-hand interaction with your brand or entertainment company. Through his work at The Shubert Organization,, and Samsung, H.L. has years of expertise delivering consumer experiences that use technology to build intrigue and create lasting impressions on the customer. He will explain how Samsung utilized experiential marketing with its Samsung 837 Experience, to connect with consumers in a multi-dimensional and lasting way.

  • Samsung

    H.L. Ray
    Head of Partnerships & Programming

  • Samsung 837

Entertainment Updates and RoadShow Snapshots

While casual conversations may introduce attendees to entertainment marketing opportunities, our RoadShow Snapshot segments provide quick, 5 minute introductions of new marketing opportunities from film, gaming, and live entertainment industries. This highly-concentrated format allows you to quickly review, leaving you with the appropriate contact to pursue any future opportunities. Take a look at some of the Corporate Members that will be presenting at the 2017 Industry Insights Summit:

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