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Articles and Press Releases

The Simpsons and BK: Just Because They Can

Because fans and marketing partners are always looking for the Next New Thing, evergreen properties often don't generate much heat.

'Simpsons' hype tries for a homer with ads

The Simpsons is known for its outrageous characters and oddball phrases, so it makes sense that its promotions are offbeat too.

Dateline: Industry Insights

Can Microsoft's Halo video game become the biggest grossing entertainment property of the year?

Bond reunites with Smirnoff

Smirnoff returns as the vodka that's shaken, not stirred in the upcoming James Bond film.

Promotional Matchmaking Firms

Cinderella needed a fairy godmother to reach Prince Charming. To partner with Swiffer, she needed promotional specialists.

Dateline Industry Insights Summit

Brand marketers rely on a host of sports and entertainment offerings from free tickets and collect-and-win contests to online Webisodes.

L.A. Roadshow hits London

The L.A. Office events are where studios present their upcoming slates and hear pitches about tie-ins or production placement opportunities.

Inaugural Show Will Bring Zest To Sector

The next few months will be event-filled for promoters, with the National Incentive Show kicking off proceedings later this month (see NIS Preview, in this issue).

Buy This! Buy That! Says Cat in the Hat

Product Tie-Ins Add Millions to Movie's Take "The Cat in the Hat" opens this week. And corporate sponsors are at a peak. Hershey, Rayovac, MasterCard too. Lots of firms want to hawk products to you.

Commercials raise musicians' profiles

Musician and songwriter Michael McDonald has had a long and successful career as a solo artist and member of the Doobie Brothers. But sales and visibility of his latest album, "Motown," have been helped along more by an MCI commercial than by traditional radio airplay.

Lights! Camera! Action!

The buzz on Hollywood Boulevard was all about the young country singer who captured the wonder of a crowd that morning with her homespun ballad, Count on Me. Twelve-year-old Ashley Gearing also had a single that was climbing the country charts, and before long she became the youngest female to ever enter the Billboard country charts.

Entertainment Industry's Edict for Brands: Hit the RoadShow

Two days and six hours into the three-day L.A. Office RoadShow, an attendee ad-dressed an entertainment marketing panel that included Sony's George Leon, reality-TV guru Mike Fleiss and actor-cum-marketer Corbin Bernsen.

Live from the L.A. RoadShow

The world of music Tuesday offered up a preview of marketing and licensing opportunities that featured live performances to a theatre filled with large and small brands.

Shingle Plays Bridge Game

If you can't think of the "Austin Powers" franchise without craving Corn Nuts, then the L.A. Office is doing its job. Created in 1994 by Mitch Litvak, the company bridges the gap between Madison Avenue and Hollywood. And, boy, is it busy.

Labels, Artists Court Marketers at L.A. RoadShow

Musician Franky Perez and his band rocked their hearts out Tuesday afternoon at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood to a packed audience. Perez and representatives from his label, Warner Music Group's Lava Records, were there to give respect to some of their most important customers: brand marketers and agency reps who can help break and make up-and-coming acts like Perez.

The L.A. Office RoadShow

Any smart marketer needs to know what is going on in the entertainment industry, no matter what industry they are in, because across the board, companies are using entertainment more than ever before.

The L.A. Office RoadShow

There's nothing I hate more than -- wait a minute -- there are a million things I hate more than events held for the marketing industry. But I really hate events that are held for the marketing industry.

Brandweek: The Biz

A surprise video appearance by former President Bill Clinton capped The L.A. Office RoadShow entertainment marketing conference Sept. 23-25, with the Hollywood gathering seeing increased interest.

RoadShow Adds Broadcast, Cable Acts

Roadshow, a.k.a Hollywood's upfront, is adding broadcast and cable networks to its customary Hollywood film studio presentations for assembled marketers and advertisers. The event's name becomes a misnomer this year too.

RoadShow Offers Route to Sponsorship Revenue

"Jill Brody, director of promotion for E! Networks, says the L.A. Office RoadShow will help major corporations preview upcoming network shows to see if they can incorporate their products into future programming .

Product Placement Huddle to Include TV

"The shift in format will allow the event to set up presentations by many TV networks in L.A., where participation has always been the heaviest anyway. Product Placement Huddle to Include TV Broadcast and TV network executives will join their theatrical and home video brethren for the first time.

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